Lowongan Marketing Manager-PT Umara Nikmat Boga

    Marketing Manager-PT Umara Nikmat Boga

    Jakarta Selatan (Jakarta Raya) - Melawai | Ditayangkan: 03-October-2019 | Tutup pada 02-November-2019

    UMARA Group entered in food and beverage industry, with three different following products, which are Umara Catering Services Jakarta, Lumpang Emas “Kedai Makan Indonesia” and Le Marais Patisserie.
    We are happy to introduce Umara Catering Jakarta a recently established for food and beverage which pride ourselves by serving you high quality both Asian and Western Cuisine cooked by highly qualified chefs. Supported by a young management group that are market driven, we strive to always serve you both the latest in this ever changing food industry and proven traditional standard recipes. Our implementations of high technology culinary tools such as the blast and shock freezer chiller to minimize any possibility of food cross cantamination, because food safety is foremost to our service.
    Umara Catering services will cater the demands for events such as wedding, business meetings needing great variety and quality of foods combine with excellent service to make any events into a memorable one. By working together with event and wedding organizer we hope to build a great network of partnership that provide benefit for both side. With characteristic of food & beverage and competitive price we are confident that Umara Catering Services Jakarta will be success.
    Being a leader in food caterer by providing authentic signature dish and personalize service.
    To be part of celebration your finest moment by serving memorable during experience.

    Job description
    • Mengkoordinasi dan meningkatkan penjualan melalui chanel online atau offline
    • Mengkoordinasikan semua media, organizer acara dan rekan bisnis untuk keperluan promosi dan meningkatkan penjualan
    • Menjaga efektifitas dari invetory level dengan penjualan
    • Mengevaluasi pencapaian target sales
    • Melakukan strategi pemasaran yang efektif serta berorientasi pada pencapaian dan peningkatan target sales
    • Memberikan pengarahan serta problem solving terhadap masalah yang berkaitan dengan pencapaian sales
    • Membangun serta menjaga hubungan dengan mitra bisnis, klien dan vendor
    • Melakukan pembinaan dan penilaian terhadap perilaku dan prestasi bawahan
    • Mengembangan produk atau jasa dari perusahaan
    • Mampu menyusun perencanaan strategi dan laporan bulanan maupun tahunan
    • Mampu melaksanakan program promosi dan branding
    • Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi, negosiasi dan persentasi yang baik
    • Memiliki pengetahuan semua proses tentang acara, event produksi, awareness, dll
    • Memahami inbound dan outbound marketing

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